Create instant surveys from markdown, WordTM or Google documents.

Surveyless is a text-based, Git/DevOps friendly survey and form builder. Enjoy simpler iteration cycles, shorter times to deployment and saner content management. Write plain text files, then deploy instantly with us or host your own surveys as static pages.

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Take control of your surveys and assessment questionnaires

Whenever your need to edit questions & answers in bulk, then publish instantly.


Market surveys

Your marketing team should be able to iterate quickly and efficiently to produce always up-to-date surveys.


Customer satisfaction

Customer Success teams are constantly learning: let them modify and publish quickly surveys and questionnaires.


Audit & compliance

Audit checklists and compliance requirements are lengthy, complex documents: turn them into web surveys instantly with us.

We're solving what's wrong with classic survey software.

How many times were your forced to log into a clunky web interface to build long questionnaires using point-and-click? No more with Surveyless. Simply bring your survey, however complex, in text format and we'll do the rest.

  • Instant deployments, yet robust and scalable.
  • No platform lock-in. Just bring text or doc files.
  • Complex logic when needed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

While Markdown is our initial and preferred format, we are working hard to offer additional input formats, in particular Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as Google Docs and Sheets.
Surveys are like standalone mini-websites. We also provide a script tag if you wish to embed your surveys in your own sites.
You are free to host your own text files to drive the survey's content. This way surveys are part of your CI/CD publishing pipeline and you are free to update questions and answers at your convenience.
All your existing surveys will continue to be served without interruption. Your data remains yours and can still be accessed normally and exported at any time. You simply won't be able to create new surveys via our web interface.